Adding Hideez Key 4 to your Microsoft account on macOS and Linux

The Microsoft account serves as a universal login method for various services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Entra (Azure AD), Office,, OneDrive, Family Safety, Skype, Bing, Microsoft Store, and MSN.

IPI Key enables the use of passwordless authentication in the Microsoft account using biometrics.

To add your Hideez Key to your Microsoft Account on MacOS and Linux, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Account.

  2. Navigate to the "Security Info" section.

  1. Choose "Add Sign-in method" -> "Security Key" -> "USB Device".

  1. Follow the instructions and press the button on your Hideez Key to confirm the action, either by scanning your fingerprint or entering the PIN code. You can also add a name for your Hideez Key or edit it in your Microsoft account settings.

  1. Your Hideez Key will be added to your Microsoft account.

After adding your Hideez Key to your Microsoft Account, you can sign in to your Microsoft account and Azure AD portal without a password, using only your login, thanks to FIDO2 Authentication.

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