Hideez Key 4 – User Manual

Use cases and guidelines for using Hideez Key 4

What is Hideez Key 4?

Hideez Key 4 is a FIDO2 security key, Bluetooth password manager, and MFA key fob. The Key provides passwordless access to accounts and workstations, proximity-based PC login and logout, as well as password & OTP autofill.

It's much more than just a Windows security key or FIDO2 password manager – it's a versatile device that gives you total control over your online security. Hideez Key 4 is suitable for both personal and enterprise use within the scope of the Hideez Authentication Service, a cloud-based passwordless IAM solution for organizations.

Main features of Hideez Key 4

Experience phishing-resistant passwordless logins and two-factor authentication across your accounts. Hideez Key is supported by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, and hundreds of other FIDO-enabled web services. Supported by Microsoft and Google accounts.

Note: Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Use Hideez Key as a password manager to store your credentials and enter them automatically at the push of the button or by hot keys. Store up to 1,000 logins and passwords, and generate new strong passwords or OTP-s with ease.

Note: Proximity works only on Windows computers.

The Proximity login and logout feature automatically disables access to your PC when you walk away and the strength of the Bluetooth signal is falling down. Use the Hideez Key to lock and unlock your desktop in seconds. Supports Personal, Domain AD, Azure Ad, and Microsoft types of accounts.

Note: Proximity works only on Windows computers.

Hideez Key 4 has a rechargeable battery and combines the benefits of password-based and passwordless authentication with support for Bluetooth, NFC, and micro USB connection. Use it as an FIDO2 password manager or MFA key fob to securely access your devices and accounts.

Open RFID electronic doors with the Hideez Key. Use your key as an RFID password manager to securely access your physical spaces. All you need is an RFID programmer, and you're good to go. One key can store only one RFID code.

Hideez Key 4 is part of the Hideez Authentication Service that will help you manage accounts and access privileges of your workers 100% remotely and securely. Employees can use Hideez Keys as their primary or secondary authentication method in addition to biometric passkeys and a mobile authenticator.

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